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Bill Johnson,  Partner and Senior Field Tech

Inspired by the giants of the computer industry- Bill Gates, Steven Job, and Michael Dell; our Founder is a self-taught computer wizard.  Of course, he will be the first to tell you that he doesn't know everything. What he can do is simply amazing. It's like the computers talk to him. Itís actually a little scary at times the way he can make older computers sing. He know the INS and OUT of all the Windows operating systems, and is pretty damn good with all the major add-onís as well.   
Here is a fiery woman who can tear down and rebuild a laser printer or a laptop and not break a sweat, although she has been known to break a few other things. Under the supervision of her husband, she has quickly mastered the skills that would make her the envy of any newly graduated IT student.  With her smaller hands she has taken on the responsibility of laptop and laser printer repairs. Those are her babies, and she is damn good at it too. She has gotten pretty damn good at remote services calls too often handling 2-4 a week.
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June Johnson, Partner and Junior Tech and Store Manager

James Shaw, Associate and Junior Field Tech

He is a man with a plan. Not only can he fix computers and laptops, but he can build them too. And not just your everyday computer that anyone with an A+ certificate can build. He can build you custom system that will make the government envious......well, ok, maybe not, but you get the idea.

He is also quickly becoming our data recovery specialist. Our founder has been teaching him some of the things that you just don't learn in college. And being a single parent with three boys, he is eager to get out there and do what need to be done for you.

Other areas that he is mastering: Web design, Logo design and related design areas. Although he has not mastered these areas yet, It is his passion to do so.

  • Call 567-855-1274