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Celebrating 15 Years

Since our humble beginnings in 2006 we continue to provide the communities we service with the best possible services at the most affordable prices. With our unique approach to business, putting people before profits, we continue to grow a little bit each year.  Even in the worst of year.

Thank you all for your continued support.


The Holiday Shopping Season

This Holiday Shopping Season is predicted to be worse than last year's.  With so many shipping boat still stuck at sea near ports unable to unload, there is a possible that some of the most desire items wanted for the Holiday Season will be in short supply.

Solution: Shop with you local small business.  It sound counter intuitive, but because small business do not order in super large quality, the items we order usually are shipped via plane, not boat.  Therefore we, as small business, usually can get the item you want.  It might cost a little more, it might be delayed for domestic shipping problems, be we can general get what you want.

To that end, we are ramping up are selection of reburbished desktops and laptops for the holiday season.  Click on the Product tab above and select the type of computer you want and you will see our current inventory.

Gift Certificates and Annual Residential Service Agreement are also on sale for the Holiday Season

COVID Guidelines

  • Masks are not required

  • Santizer are still available if you wish to use them

  • Appointments are still perferred as we are still working split shifts. As a result, we have to sometimes close the store to perform an onsite service calls.

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