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Internet Explorer 10  01/31/2020
Office 2010              10/13/2020
Silverlight               10/21/2021
CloudPrint                12/31/2020
Flash                        12/31/2020
Java 8                       12/31/2020


Virtual Computers (VMs)

Virtual computers have been around for a long time, but it only been in recent years where that technology has been available to the average person.  So what is a virtual computer (sometimes called Virtual Machines or VMs for short)? Its the ability to take an existing computer and completely digitize it.  Once digitized, you can operate that digital computer on a more powerful computer without losing any information.  So if you miss the days of Windows 98, SE, XP -- Do you still have that computer, and does it still work?  Having us convert it to a Virtural Computer will allow it to live on for a long time.

Virtual Drives:


So you have discovered that cheap $199 laptop is, well, actually, cheap.  In the few months you have had it, you have already used up the entire hard drive.  Now what? Well, we can set up us with a virtual hard drive for a few dollars a month.  And its not like Google Drive, you can actually interact with it.

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