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Per Microsoft, Windows 7 will be retired January 14, 2020.  After that date, Microsoft will no longer support the Windows 7 Operating System with certain exceptions.  No more updates, no more fixes, no more patches.

Computer Garage will continue to provide clients with support for as long as possible and to the best of our ability.  We currently are supporting clients with Windows 98, XP, and Vista. 

However, per HIPAA and PCI/DSS compliance, if you are still using Windows 7 after its retirement date, you may be assessed fines and penalties.  In regards to PCI/DSS, your ability to process credit/debit card may be revoked.




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Google has announced it is discontinue its Cloud Print Service effective December 31, 2020. This is a huge blow to countless small businesses and entrepreneurs who rely in the service to print documents to the home/office printer while out in the field.

Per Google, "now's the time to learn how to set up a new printer. At least you've got a year."

There is nothing like a big corporation blatantly saying screw you. Thanks Google.


If you are in this situation, where you utilize Google's Cloud Print service for your business, let us know. We will see what we can do for you based on what printers you have and their technology.


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