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Internet Explorer 10  01/31/2020
Office 2010              10/13/2020
Silverlight 5               10/21/2021
CloudPrint                12/31/2020
Flash                        12/31/2020
Java 8                       12/31/2020


Service Agreements


You got a new computer. Great! You even purchased the extended warranty, you know just in case.  Now the unthinkable happens.  You dropped it and now it doesn't work.  Not a problem, that's why you purchased the extended warranty.  So you mail it off to be fixed.  and you wait, and you wait, and you call and you wait, and eventually they call you.  It will cost you $300 to fix it because damages from a drop are not covered.  Fine, you agree to pay. And another 2 weeks go by and finally you get your computer back. But you discover all your files are gone! You call them ask what happen and they tell you that since they did not have your passwords they wiped and reinstalled you hard drive to make sure the screen was working properly. They dont care about your personal data. Its not their job.

And that is why you need a service agreement with Computer Garage instead of an extended warranty.  We do care!  We are faster! We are less expensive, and we do everything we can to preserve you personal data. 


Windows 7 has retired, and the most part it went quietly. Most consumers had already upgrades months and years ago, and other had already purchased new computer.  As a result, Jan 14, 2020 came and went with little fanfare. 



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